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Solar Power System Kerala

Solar power generation is a clean energy system that generates electricity from sunlight falls on the earth .It can be used just about anywhere in large buildings, in factories, and in residential homes. Nowadays we must think on a world wide scale about such issues as dealing with global warming and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide. Solar energy, which has few resource limitations and minimal adverse environmental impact, will surely become more and more essential to our lives in the years ahead .Solar modules capture solar energy and generates direct current (dc) electricity. Inverters (power conditioners) convert DC into AC (alternate current) to run many common appliancesand equipments.


When solar energy is sufficient then total output load will operate on solar through solar inverter .excess solar power will charge batteries. When solar energy is weak then inverter is taking DC source from solar and balance from batteries. When batteries reach 75% discharge level (25% kept as a buffer) the out put load is shifted to grid and change over time will be 1 to 2 seconds. During change over from inverter to grid (75% batteries discharged) and if grid supply is not present then again load is shifted to inverter to use buffer battery backup (i.e., balance 25%) When grid returns during which inverter is working on buffer battery backup then solar or grid as per logic explained above.